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We offer services to any children who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS in 7 counties.  Most of our contacts are through Vanderbilt Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic and/or parent’s request. We can help find resources for families.  If it is a need for a parent or caregiver they are referred to an appropriate agency for adults. We provide our over the counter medicines and prescriptions not covered by insurances.  The medicines are distributed through the clinic. We provide parents with meals when a child is hospitalized and they have no means to pay.  We feel it helps the children to speed their recovery when the parent is there.

v AIDS is the leading cause of deaths Worldwide in the ages of 15-59. v Young people between 15 and 24, mostly women, account for about half of the new HIV infections. v African Americans represent 13% of the new population, but 50% of the new HIV infections cases. v Black men are diagnosed with HIV 8 times more than white men. v Black women are diagnosed with HIV 20 times more often than white women.

Other items provided: 1.    Gifts to ALL children on holidays to Maury Regional Hospital, Columbia, TN. 2.    Easter baskets to both Maury Regional and Vanderbilt for ALL children in the hospital. 3.    A large Christmas party with gifts, including siblings of the clinics. 4.    Help with rent and utilities as funds are available to avoid evictions and shut-offs of the utilities. 5.    Winter coats, hats, etc. when requested by the family or clinics. 6.    School clothes available on request. 7.    Blankets are distributed to the sickest children at both hospitals. All items are offered to all HIV/AIDS children in Middle Tennessee.

KFA is a community based organization run solely by volunteers.  We rely on private donations and small fundraisers to provide our services.  We are active in all communities, as requested, and provide education programs.  Our meetings are at the office on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.  The meetings are open to all interested parties and visitors are welcome.  We can use help with deliveries, crafts, donations, and fundraisers and our couple of events each year. For More Information call (931) 840-3533. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon. 317 W. 8th Street Columbia, TN  38401 (931) 840-2422 Fax:  (931) 840-3533   Helping HIV/AIDS Children In Middle Tennessee Since 1998

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